From the Chair: I would like to welcome you to the Department of History at UC Riverside.  Our 30 full-time faculty cover a range of areas, themes, and issues that range all periods of history around the globe.  We have earned recognition for international and national excellence in research and teaching. Our undergraduate offerings emphasize critical thinking, writing, and research. Our graduate program offers students the opportunity to focus on one or more areas of concentration by working closely with a scholar in her/his field.  The Department of History at UC Riverside is an exciting place to study, live and develop a passion for history at all levels.  And since history is an important component of any degree program, we offer exciting, interdisciplinary opportunities as well.

Dr. Michele R. Salzman, Department Chair

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Graduate Students Evan Suda, Joshua Little, Carly Maris present @UCRideas Mellon AIS conference, "Polarity, Diversity, Confluence"
Polarity, Diversity, Confluence Mellon Advancing Intercultural Studies Conference March 7 & 8, 2019 An interdisciplinary exploration in the intersections of economic inequality, religious identity, contested histories and diversity in higher education   READ MORE Full Schedule
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AIA: J. Haberstroh, “A Run Through Time: Travels in Ancient and Modern Greece,” Riverside Public Library, Saturday, January 19, 2-3:30pm
What is it like to live and work in Greece for a year? John Haberstroh will share his experiences as a Regular Member at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA). As an ancient historian immersed in the world of classics and archaeology, John will offer his perspectives on the benefits of travel, discuss his…
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Richard Rush UCR History Doctoral student presents at 116th Annual meeting of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Association
This past quarter, I had the opportunity to propose new authorship for the Latin poem, "Pange lingua gloriosi" to a group of ancient scholars from across the Pacific Coast at Western Washington University. My proposal that the fifth-century priest Claudianus Mamertus was the actual author of this poem, and not the sixth-century…
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lunch seminar - Dr. Salzman
Dr. Michele Speaks at the Institute for Advance Study, Princeton
On Oct. 11, Michele Renee Salzman, professor in the Department of History, presented a talk at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. The talk was titled: “Why Gibbon Was Wrong: 472 and the Fall of Rome.” Salzman spoke about her new book, “The ‘Falls’ of Rome: Social and Religious History of the City, 273-573.”
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The History Department recognizes the history of racism and violence in our community directed especially at Black people and other people of color, and recognizes the bravery of UCR students in addressing our faculty. In support of our students and communities and our need to look inward, the History Department is taking time to engage in a process of reflection and change. The Department will post an action plan with concrete steps.