Post Docs and Visiting Scholars

Post Docs and Visiting Scholars

Diu-Huong Nguyen

Photo of H Nguyen

UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow in History

Viet Nam War, Social History, Urban Studies, War and Society

Leandro Lichtmajer

Photo of L Lichtmajer

Fulbright Scholar, 2020

Argentina political history, 20th Century - Theories and Methods in Local History


Martin Rizzo

Photo of M Rizzo

UC Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow in History

Native Californian Studies, Spanish Borderlands, Pacific Rim, Indigenous Studies, Latin American & Latino Studies

Iker Saitua

Photo of I Saitua

Basque Government Postdoctoral Fellow in History

American West, Agriculture, Labor, Global Capitalism, Tariff History