History Major Requirements


All Majors must work with the History Department faculty and staff to develop a Major Pathway Plan. Students must obtain approval of their Pathway Plan NO LATER THAN than two quarters after earning upper division class standing. Please contact your Academic Advisor for assistance.

Students who wish to be recognized as completing the B.A. degree with distinction normally complete HIST 195A and HIST 195B, the two-quarter Senior Thesis. Majors who complete HIST 197 followed by a connected HIST 199 or 199H, or who complete HNPG 195 and whose senior thesis is accepted by the University Honors Program are also eligible. The B.A. degree with distinction also requires a minimum 3.5 GPA in the major at the time of graduation.

Lower-division courses taken elsewhere may be counted toward the lower-division requirement; up to four advanced placement units earned in high school may count toward its fulfillment as well. Students may petition to apply up to two relevant upper-division courses (8 units) from other UCR departments towards the upper-division elective requirement. Please consult with the academic advisors for further details.

History Major

The B.A. degree in History requires satisfactory completion of 52 units as follows:

1. Lower-division requirements (20 units):
a) one world history course (4 units)
b) HIST 99W (with at least a grade of “C”) (4 units)
c) Three lower division elective courses in History (12 units).

2. Upper-division lecture course requirements (24 units):
a) Six upper-division elective courses in History (24 units).
b) Students are encouraged to include one HIST 197 Research for Undergraduate seminar (4 units) in their courses for the upper-division requirement, in addition to the seminar requirement below.

3. Seminar Requirement (8 units):
a) Eight (8) units from the following seminar courses: HIST 001 (Historian as Detective,) HIST 197 (Research for Undergraduates), HIST 195A/B (Senior Thesis), and HIST 199/199H (taken in connection with a HIST 197 seminar).
b) In choosing HIST 197 seminars, students should select sections whose theme pertains to upper-division courses they have already taken.

History/Administrative Studies Major
The major requirements for the B.A. degree in History/Administrative Studies are as follows:

History requirements (52 units): All requirements for the B.A. in History
Administrative Studies requirements
(37 units)
1. Lower-division courses (17 units)
a) BUS 010, BUS 020
b) STAT 048 or equivalent (may be used to satisfy breadth requirements)
c) CS 008 (may be used to satisfy breadth requirements)
2. Upper-division requirements (20 units):
a) Two courses (8 units) from the list below:
(1) ECON 102 or ECON 104A or ECON 130 or ECON 162/BUS 162
(2) PSYC 140 or PSYC 142
(3) SOC 150 or SOC 151
(4) POSC 181 or POSC 182 or POSC 183
(5) ANTH 127 or ANTH 131
These two courses must be outside the discipline of History and cannot be courses included as part of the three course Business Administration track or their cross-listed equivalents.
b) A three-course track (12 units) in Business Administration courses from one of the following:
(1) Organizations (General): BUS 100, BUS 107, BUS 176/SOC 176, BUS 158/ANTH 105, SOC 150, SOC 151
(2) Human Resources Management/ Labor Relations: BUS 100, BUS 107, BUS 152/ECON 152, BUS 153/ECON 153, BUS 155, BUS 157, PSYC 142
(3) Business and Society: BUS 100, BUS 102, BUS 107, PHIL 116, POSC 182, POSC 186
(4) Marketing: BUS 103, and two from BUS 112, BUS 113, BUS 114, BUS 117
(5) Managerial Accounting/Taxation: BUS 108, and two from BUS 166, BUS 168A, BUS 168B
(6) Financial Accounting: BUS 108, BUS 165A, BUS 165B
(7) Finance: BUS 106/ECON 134 and two from BUS 134, BUS 136, BUS 137, BUS 138, BUS 139
(8) Management Information Systems: BUS 101, BUS 171, BUS 173
(9) Production Management: BUS 104/STAT 104, and two from BUS 105, BUS 122, BUS 127/STAT 127
In filling the dual requirements of the selected major, students may not count more than two courses toward both parts of their total requirements (History requirements and Administrative Studies requirements).
The Law and Society major is open to undergraduate students with junior standing who have completed LWSO 100 with a grade of “C” or higher. The major requirements for the B.A. degree in History/Law and Society are as follows:

1. History requirements (52 units): All requirements for the B.A. in History
2. Law and Society requirements (36 units)
a) PHIL 007 or PHIL 007H
b) LWSO 100 (with a grade of “C” or better)
c) One course chosen from POSC 114, PSYC 012, SOC 004 (or equivalent course in research methods)
d) Three courses chosen from ANTH 127, ECON 119, HISE 153, PHIL 165, POSC 167, PSYC 175, SOC 159
e) Two courses chosen from ENSC 174, HISA 120A, HISA 120B, HISE 123, LWSO 175 (E-Z), PHIL 164, POSC 111, POSC 166, POSC 168, POSC 186, SOC 147, SOC 149, SOC 180
f) LWSO 193, Senior Seminar
Note: For sections 2.d) and 2.e) combined, not more than two courses may be taken from the same department. In filling the dual requirements of the major, students may not count more than two courses toward both parts of their total requirements History requirements and Law and Society requirements). The History courses that may fill the dual requirements include HISE 153 (History of the Common Law), and HISA 120A and HISA 120B (The Supreme Court and the Constitution).