UCR Ancient and Medieval Studies Group (AMSG)

Riverside, Ca –

Tuesday, November 27, 1:15-2:45pm - HMNSS 1303


Two UCR PhD students in Ancient Mediterranean History will share upcoming conference presentations:


John Haberstroh, “The Social Networks of the Persian Satraps of Lydia,” to be delivered at “Networking in the Ancient World: Tracing, Understanding, and Interpreting Trade and Social Connections in the Ancient World,” University of Liverpool, December 2018


Engin “Mert” Gokcek, “Choricius of Gaza and the Reception of Greco-Roman Religion in Byzantine Rhetoric,” to be delivered at “Reception, Appropriation, and Innovation: Byzantium between the Christian and Islamic Worlds,” University of Edinburgh, December 2018 


The UCR Ancient and Medieval Studies Group (AMSG) meets regularly throughout the academic year: to workshop pre-circulated papers based on ongoing research of graduate students and faculty; to preview and critique upcoming conference presentations by group members; and to discuss new developments in scholarship on the premodern world. Graduate students and faculty from across campus are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Denver Graninger (