Samuel Fullerton

PhD. Candidate

B.A., Hendrix College

Research Areas

English Revolution, print culture and polemic,  sexual politics, Anglo-European transnationalism, civil war royalism

Contact Information
Department of History

Although I am broadly interested in the history of early modern Britain, my research focuses on the social, cultural, and political implications of the communications revolution inspired by the English Revolution of the mid-seventeenth century. In particular, my dissertation explores the impact of new printed discourses of sex and the body on the public life and political culture of the 1640s and 1650s, which I argue marked a transformative moment in the discursive history of Western sexuality. Additionally, I have burgeoning interests in Anglo-French transnationalism during the mid-to-late 1640s and the importance of New England puritanism to the polemical culture of the civil wars and interregnum. 


Early Modern England, British Atlantic World, Gender and Sexuality

Committee Members

Thomas Cogswell (chair); Alexander Haskell; Randolph Head; Heidi Brayman (English)

Awards Received

Early Career Fellow, London Renaissance Seminar (spring 2018)

- "'A Warre of the Pen': The Force on Parliament and English Polemic, 1646-48," Huntington Library Quarterly (forthcoming)
- Review of Kirsteen M. MacKenzie, The Solemn League and Covenant of the Three Kingdoms and the Cromwellian Union, 1643-1663, forthcoming in Renaissance Quarterly