Richard Rush

Richard Rush

Graduate Student

BA: Harvard College
MPhil: Trinity College Dublin

Research Areas

Fifth-Century Gaul, Landscape History, Monastic Literature, Classical Reception in Late Antiquity

Contact Information
Department of History

In my dissertation I argue that the literary use of a place cannot be separated from the physical place and the author’s experience of that place. I use Latin authors who lived along the Rhône during the long fifth century to explore how reading their texts in conjunction with an analysis of the landscapes evoked in the texts can deepen our understanding of the authors’ lived experiences. My dissertation requires close engagement with both the literary works of authors, such as Palladius, Eucharius, and Sidonius Apollinaris, and what remains of the fifth-century landscape. The latter entails not only major geographic features, such as the Rhône River, Massif Central, and the islands of Lérins, but also the archeology of Lyon and its environs. My dissertation’s synthesis of material and literary evidence reveals the otherwise unstated assumptions and values fifth-century Gallic authors held regarding their surrounding environments, which informed how they acted within those environments.