Marissa Hull

Graduate Student

CSU Channel Islands BA History

Research Areas

d/Deaf Women's History, Gender Studies, Disability Studies, Religious Studies, American Sign Language

Contact Information
Department of History

My main research interest is d/Deaf Women's History. My research focuses on gender roles in the d/Deaf/Hard of Hearing community during the nineteenth century in North America. By researching the intersection of gender, religion, race, class, and societal expectations during the cultivation of the d/Deaf community, I have begun to deconstruct what it meant to be a woman with disabilities during the nineteenth century in North America. During my senior year in my undergraduate studies, I wrote a thirty-page senior thesis utilizing gender studies and disability studies within a historical lense in order to more fully contribute to the annals of Deaf history by focusing on Eliza Clerc, a Deaf American woman who identified as a mother and a wife during the nineteenth century in North America. I intend to further this research and turn it into my eventual dissertation.


CSU Los Angeles “Significations” 23rd Annual Graduate Student Conference Proceedings