Margaret Hanson

Graduate Student

BA: Brown University 2014, American Studies with Honors

Research Areas

Public History, 19th Century US History, Women and Gender, Consumption

Contact Information
Department of History

My research centers on gender expressions and definitions in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. I am interested in how these expressions are depicted in popular meaning and branded consumer goods, and the ways that individuals interact with such public representations. I am further interested in examining the ways that these interactions, including folk production, fan activities, and individual creative work, transform the meanings associated with cultural products. 


Public History, 19th Century US History, Women and Gender


Committee Members

Advisor: Dr. McGarry

Awards Received

New England American Studies Association 2014 Lisa MacFarlane
Award for undergraduate thesis: Remaking American Girl(hood): Fan Reuse, Reinterpretation, Alteration and Expansion of the American Girl Brand