Kate Mower

Graduate Student

MA -- University of Utah -- Ancient Mediterranean History BA -- University of Utah -- History BA -- University of Utah -- Film and Philosophy

Contact Information
Department of History

Kate has an academic background in ancient Mediterranean history, but shifted her research focus to socialist state academic and archaeological practices in Romania after a dual-country Fulbright research grant in Bulgaria and Romania. She has excavated at the site of a Roman villa in Deva, Romania and a late antique domos within the ancient Greek Black Sea colony of Istros at Histria, Romania. Her dissertation centers on oral histories from laborers at the Histria site who have worked at the site for 30+ years, as well as archaeologists working there now. She conducts her research at the Archaeology and History Museum archives at Constanta and Tulcea, both counties in the Romanian Dobruja region. Using archaeological materials and diaries in those archives, she researches the parameters of knowledge production set by socialist ideology.

Histria, Romania field school (coordinator)

Balkan Group (co-founder)