Julia Torres

Graduate Student

BA in History

Research Areas

society and law, miscegenation in the US, family and marriage, multiracial identity and history

Contact Information
Department of History

I am interested in looking at miscegenation and the overturning of the laws, during the mid-1900s, in the United States that banned these marriages. While looking at miscegenation I look at how gender and race relations affect how marriages and families work when people take part in a interracial marriage. By looking specifically at White women and men of color relationships I am able to see how gender and race interact when these marriages consist of both “inferior” groups according to society. It is important to look at “traditional” family structures and gender roles in order to understand how miscegenation affects these “traditional” roles and how the society views these relationships. I am also interested in looking at how society viewed these types of relationships overtime in the twentieth century. This also leads to showing how people felt about multiracial children and people overtime. I want to look at how society’s views affected the rate of interracial marriages and the lives of multiracial people.