jody benjamin

Dr. Jody Benjamin

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in African and African American Studies with a concentration in African History, Harvard University, 2016

On research leave, AY 2019-20

Research Areas

West Africa (Mali, Guinea, Senegal); Atlantic Slave trade and early colonial period; material culture; history of textiles and dress, early and contemporary African history.

Contact Information
Department of History
HMNSS 1212

Professor Benjamin joined UCR’s History Department in 2015, and received his PhD from Harvard University in 2016.  His research focuses on the 18th and 19th century transformations reshaping western Africa up to the early colonial period. He analyzes western Africa’s role in the rise of global cotton through attention to its material culture, consumption patterns, and fashion; thus charting the region’s integration into a global economy dominated by capitalist networks. Trained as a historian in the Department of African and African American Studies, Dr. Benjamin deploys a set of interdisciplinary strategies both to map and to re-interpret Africans’ roles in shaping the contemporary world.  He is currently completing a book manuscript, The Texture of Change: Clothing, Commerce and History in Western Africa during an Atlantic Age.”