Emily Grace Brolaski

Graduate Student

B.A. in History with a minor in American Indian and Indigenous Studies from UC Santa Barbara

Research Areas

Native American resistance and activism, Missing and Murdered Indigenous, Oral history, Indigenous Sovereignty

Contact Information
Department of History

My research interests stem from my identity as a mixed race woman of Apache descent. Put broadly, I am interested in Native American history, especially regarding women's roles in resistance and activism in the 20th century. I am particularly interested in researching the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirits in America. This gendered violence against Indigenous peoples began during Colonization of the Americas and continues today in both urban and rural communities. I plan to investigate the ways Indigenous communities are targeted for this violence, as well as the ways they have been limited in their response to the crisis by lack of sovereignty. I would also like to pay particular attention to the ways that Indigenous activists are demanding justice for the missing and murdered and providing healing for their communities.