David Chávez

Graduate Student

B.A. History, Minor Latin American Studies (UCLA 2008) M.A. History (UCR 2015)

Research Areas

Youth Criminalization, Policing, State Violence, Settler Colonialism, Anti-Blackness, Native American History, Carceral Studies, Chicanx/Latnix Studies, Black Studies

Contact Information
Department of History

David Chávez is a Ph.D. candidate with a B.A. in History and Latin American Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles (2008). He is interested in tracing the genealogies of youth policing and youth criminalization in greater Los Angeles in relation to youth of color and the creation of "criminal gangs" from 1945-1987. His work examines the discursive history of L.A.'s "war on youth" via policing youth of color and its entanglements with the larger state project of racialized mass caging and police militarization. His goal is to expand the historical understandings of youth criminalization as a significant pillar of the expansion of the Carceral State.


Committee Members

Dr. Catherine Gudis - Co-Chair

Dr. Dyan Rodríguez - Co-Chair

Dr. Jennifer Hughes - Committee Member