Andrew perkins

Andrew Perkins

Graduate Student

BA - UC, Irvine - History - 2019 

Research Areas

Early American history, political philosophy, classical theology, Colonial mythology, Jeffersonian America, Early U.S. Government

Contact Information
Department of History

I am interested in the intersection between political, religious, and cultural identities in 18th century America. The colonies represent a diaspora of Renaissance ideals which hearken to classical understandings of citizenship and individual rights and role in government, countered by new and evolving concerns of natural law and Manifest Destiny. The secular and sacrosanct meet in the American colonies as Europeans constructed new identities informed by their westward expansion and free of the pressures of the traditional kingships. Conversations about race relations and the rights of the individual found an immediate place in the colonies, as disparate European groups clashed amongst each other and with the tribal nations which inhabited their ever-expanding domain. It is within these negotiations- at first decentralized and later the urgent matters of federal concern- that my research interests lie. Intensely personal yet of national import, colonial expeditions and exchanges shaped and shifted the place of the European towards the national ideals the American project.


Advisor: Dr. Alexander Haskell

Awards Received

Chancellor's Distinguished Fellowship


“All Christians Bleed Red: The Causes of the Albigensian Crusade,” Building Bridges: HTCC Selected Abstracts 2016: Abstracts from the HTCC Conference UC Irvine 2016

“The Failure of William Penn’s Holy Experiment,” Building Bridges: HTCC Selected Abstracts 2017: Abstracts from the HTCC Conference UC Irvine 2017

Conference Paper: “Engineering Marxism: Soviet Science Fiction in Dialogue with Bolshevik Theory” UC Irvine History Undergraduate Conference, 2019