Amanda K. Wixon

Graduate Student

B.A. History - University of California, Riverside

M.A. Public History - University of California, Riverside

Research Areas

Federal off-reservation Indian boarding school experiences

American Indian identities

20th c. Native histories

Native American art

Contact Information
Department of History

My research interests are in Native American History, especially federal boarding schools and the long-term effects of assimilation and "civilization." I am focusing on carceral aspects within Sherman Institute, the last of the federal off-reservation boarding schools, located in Riverside, California. I am an enrolled tribal member of the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma.


Committee Members

Professors Clifford E. Trafzer (Chair), Rebecca Kugel, Catherine Gudis, Molly McGarry, Robert Perez

Awards Received

Chickasaw Foundation Award for Academic Achievement, 2018

UCR History Department Research and Travel Award, 2018, 2019