Alan Malfavon

Alan Malfavon

Graduate Student

 BA in History and Spanish Language and Culture, California State University Northridge 2015

MA in History University of California, Riverside 2017

Research Areas

Afro-Mexicans, Connections between Veracruz and the Greater Caribbean, African Diaspora in Mexico, Afro-Mexican culture and society

Contact Information
Department of History

My dissertation topic revolves around exploring the socio-political agency and roles of the Port-City of Veracruz, Mexico, Afro-descendants, as well as the agency of Afro-descendants in the city’s hinterland of Sotavento, during a 60 year period, from 1770 to 1830. Covering processes such as the Bourbon Reforms in New Spain, Mexico’s War of Independence, Agustín de Iturbide’s short-lived empire, and the establishment of Mexico as a federal republic, my research aims to contest traditional frameworks of Mexican ethnic ideologies by situating Afro-descendants as integral players in the developments of these processes and as integral players in the early adoption of liberalism in Veracruz, and by extension Mexico. It is the hope of my research that by bringing public awareness to the integral roles of these peoples in the processes of Mexico’s nation-state formation, that scholars and the general public become better informed of how traditional nationalistic frameworks in Mexico have hindered the socio-political, cultural, and economic betterment of Mexico’s Afro-descendants from independence, 200 years ago, to this day.


Graduate Student Representative for the Search for a Mexican American/Chicano/a/x Assistant Professor


Committee Members

Dr. Robert W. Patch, Dr. James P. Brennan, Dr. Alejandra Dubcovsky, Dr. Ademide Adelusi-Adeluyi

Awards Received

Center for Ideas and Society 2018-2019 Humanities Graduate Student Research Grant University of California, Riverside, CA

2018-2019 CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program Scholar 2018-2019 CSU Office of the Chancellor, Long Beach, CA

2017-2018 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2018 University of California, Riverside, CA

Marcoux Award for Dissertation Research 2018-2019 University of California, Riverside, CA