Alan Malfavon

Alan Malfavon

Graduate Student

- Bachelor of Arts, History and Spanish Language and Culture- 2015 - California State University, Northridge - Summa cum Laude
- Master of Arts, History- University of California, Riverside- 2017

Research Areas

Afro-Mexico, Veracruz culture, Greater Caribbean, identity studies, and African Diaspora studies

Contact Information
Department of History

My work explores the lives of Afro-Mexicans who lived in the Port-City of Veracruz and its hinterland, known as Sotavento (Leeward), during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. My research focuses on the understudied Afro-Mexican population of Veracruz and its hinterland to reframe the historical and historiographical transition of Mexico between the colonial and national period. My work resituates Mexico’s socio-political, cultural, and economic networks with the Atlantic World and the Greater Caribbean, and dissects and problematizes those networks by centering the Black and Afro-Mexican experience. My research traces the long, intellectual, ideological, and political traditions of Afro-descendants in Veracruz and connects them to the Black Diaspora. I seek to interrogate and subvert archival silences that have sought to erase Black and Afro-Mexican agency from narratives of identity and nation-state formation, seeking to diversify these narratives by foregrounding the voices, perspectives, and actions of Afro-descendants. My work interjects in ongoing interdisciplinary debates about sociopolitical representation of Afro-Mexicans, whose historical and contemporary presence in Mexican society remains deeply contested.


Committee Members

- Dr. Alejandra Dubcovsky- Dissertation Chair
- Dr. Robert W. Patch-Dissertation Committee Member
- Dr. Ademide Adelusi-Adeluyi- Dissertation Committee Member
- Dr. James Brennan- Dissertation Committee Member

Awards Received

- 2017-2018 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
- 2015 Eugene Cota Robles Award


- Center for Idas and Society: Global 19th Century Fellow- 2020-2021
- Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program: Dissertation Fellowship Award- 2020-2021
- Huntington Library Short-Term Fellow- Fall 2019
- Marcoux Award for Dissertation Research- 2018-2019
- Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship- 2018-2019
- Center for Ideas and Society: Humanities Graduate Student Research Grant- 2018-2019