"Mistresses of the Market: White Women and the Nineteenth-Century Domestic Slave Trade."- Stephanie Jones-Rogers

Stepahnie Jones-Rogers

Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers is an Associate Professor of History at the University of
California, Berkeley where she specializes in African-American history, women’s and
gender history, and the history of American slavery ( She is the author of They Were Her

Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South (Yale University Press,
2019), which won the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic’s 2020 Best
Book Prize and the Organization of American Historians’ 2020 Merle Curti Prize for the
best book in American social history. Jones-Rogers is also the first African-American and
the third woman to win the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in History since the award’s
inception in 1980.

They Were Her Property is based on Jones-Rogers’s revised dissertation which won the
Organization of American Historians’ Lerner-Scott Prize for the best doctoral dissertation
in U.S. women's history in 2013. Her work has appeared in Slavery and Abolition,
Women’s America: Refocusing the Past, Sexuality and Slavery: Reclaiming Intimate
Histories in the Americas, as well as online platforms.

She is working on three projects. Her first, Women, American Slavery, and the Law is a
“legal sequel” to her first book. Her second, entitled “She had…a Womb Subjected to
Bondage”: The Afro-Atlantic Origins of British Colonial Descent Law, examines the
ways that West African customs and laws influenced English thinking about matrilineal
descent and may have influenced their decisions to implement matrilineal descent laws in
British North America. Her third project, “A Country so dreadfull for a White Woman”
reconstructs the lives of nearly 300 British women who travelled to the West African
coast on Royal African Company slave ships and settled in the company’s forts and
castles before 1750. Funds from the NEH, the Ford Foundation, and the Woodrow Wilson
Foundation have supported this work.


The Sterling Stuckey Lecture Series was created by the UC Riverside History Department in 2020 as a means for recognizing and honoring the achievements of Dr. Sterling Stuckey, a prominent scholar of African American History and political activist. The lecture series grew out of ongoing departmental conversations about structural racism and our responsibility to counteract it.


The Sterling Stuckey Lecture Series - Stephanie Jones-Rogers

Sterling Stuckey Inaugural Lecture Series