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Faculty Members

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Adelusi Adeluyi

Ademide Adelusi-Adeluyi

Assistant Professor - African History, Urban, Historical Cartography

Megan Asaka

Assistant Professor - Asian American History, Public History

Jody Benjamin

 Assistant Professor - African History, West Africa

David A. Biggs

Associate Professor - Southeast Asian, Environmental History, Vietnam

James P. Brennan 

Professor - Latin American History, 20th Century Argentina & Brazil, Modern Latin America

Lucille Chia

Professor - Chinese History, Traditional China, Social & Culture

Thomas Cogswell 

Department Chair and Professor - Early Modern England

Alejandra Dubcovsky 

 Assistant Professor - Early America, American Indians, Spanish Borderlands, American South

Jonathan Eacott

 Associate Professor - Britain 1750-1990, Early America, Colonialism

Ann Goldberg

Professor - Modern European History, Gender & Cultural, Germany

Piotr S. Gorecki

Professor - Medieval European History, Poland & Eastern Europe, European Law & Society

Denver Graninger

Associate Professor - Greek and Roman History, Ancient Greece and Rome, Material Culture, Public History

Catherine Gudis

 Associate Professor - Public History & Preservation, 20th Century U.S., American Studies, Consumer Culture

Steven W. Hackel

 Professor - Early America (West), California Indians, Spanish Borderlands, Colonial America, American Indian

Alexander B. Haskell

Associate Professor - Early America (East)

Randolph C. Head

Professor - Early Modern European History and Archives, Switzerland

Jennifer  Scheper Hughes

 Associate Professor - Latin America, History of Religion

Rebecca "Monte" Kugel

Associate Professor - Native American History, U.S. Social, American Indian

Philipp Lehmann

Assistant Professor - Environmental History; History of Science and Technology;  modern Europe and Africa, with a focus on Germany and the German colonies

Antoine Lentacker

Assistant Professor - Modern Europe; history of science, medicine and technology; media studies; social and critical theory

Juliette Levy

 Associate Professor - Latin American History, Modern Mexico, Economic

Brian Lloyd

Associate Professor - Modern U.S. History, American Cultural & Intellectual, , American Radicalism

Molly McGarry

Associate Professor - 19th Century U.S., Cultural History; Gender & Sexuality, Public History, Social Movements

Natasha McPherson

Assistant Professor - African American, Black Family & Community Development

Georg Michels

Professor - Russian History, Imperial Russia, Eastern Europe, Religion

Robert W. Patch 

Professor - Latin American History, Mexico, Central America

Michele Salzman

Professor - Ancient Mediterranean History, Ancient Greece & Rome, Late Antiquity, Social & Religions

Dana Simmons

Associate Professor - History of Science, Modern France, Modern Europe, Science & Technology

Kiril Tomoff

Professor - Russian History, Russia & Soviet Union, Modern Europe, Music

Clifford Trafzer

 Distinguished Professor - Native American History, Social & Cultural, American West, Oral Traditions

Devra Weber

Associate Professor - Modern U.S. History, 20th Century U.S., Labor, Mexicans in U.S.

Fariba Zarinebaf

Associate Professor - Ottoman Empire, Social, Middle East



Stefan Chrissanthos – Lecturer

Michael Hawkins – Lecturer

Emeritus Faculty:

  • Kenneth D. Barkin – Professor - Modern European History
  • Lynda Bell - Associate Professor - Chinese History, Modern China, Present Studies & Economic Development
  • Leon Campbell – Latin American History
  • Carlos E. Cortes – Professor - Latin American History
  • V.P. Franklin – Distinguished Professor - African-American, Education
  • Nathan G. Hale, Jr.
  • Ray A. Kea – Professor - African History
  • Dale V. Kent – Professor - European History
  • Van L. Perkins
  • Roger L. Ransom – Distinguished Professor and Edward A. Dickson Emeritus Professor (2015-2016)
  • Norman Ravitch – Professor - European History
  • Henry L. Snyder – Professor - British History - National Humanities Medal (2007), O.B.E. (2009)
  • P. Sterling Stuckey – Distinguished Professor - Modern U.S. History
  • Mack E. Thompson
  • Ronald C. Tobey – Professor - Modern U.S. History
  • Irwin M. Wall – Professor and Edward A. Dickson Emeritus Professor (2014-2015)
  • Charles Wetherell – Professor - Quantitative Methods, Social Science History, and American and European Family History

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