Field Reports

Below is a list of Field Report projects completed by Public History Masters students. Along with one’s ten-week internship, students must complete a Masters Field Report. This report reflects the students’ ability to relate their professional experiences gained during their internship to the larger field of public history. These reports, as well as a number of other reports, are available for viewing at the UCR Rivera Library in Special Collections and Archives.

Department of History Field Reports in Special Collections, with finding aid.

2010 to present

"More than Mirrors With A Memory: The Sherman Indian Museum Archives Photography Collection" by Heather Andrews-Horton, 2014.

"Curating Absence: Sound, Silence and Voice in the Public Sphere" by Carolyn Schutten, 2014.

"The Exhibition at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum 'Cahuilla Continuum: Tuku, Ivax' Tuleqa with the Museum's Cahuilla Collections and Voices of the Cahuilla" by Sean Milanovich, 2014.

"From Digital Media to Pop-Up Exhibition: Reimagining Museums Through the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center" by Kristen Hayashi, 2014.

"Take Pride in Oceanside: Helping Local Stakeholders Reclaim Their Community History" by Megan Suster, 2014.

"Landscape of Conquest: Tourism and History in the Black Hills of South Dakota" by Nicolette Rohr, 2013.

"Emotion, Immersion, and Interactivity: Education by Experience at MOT and Grammy" by Natalie Anderson-Patch, 2013.

"Archives and History: The State of the Past in Present Historical Repositories" by Benjamin Thomas Jenkins, 2013.

"Emotion, Immersion, and Interactivity: Education by Experience at MOT and Grammy" by Natalie Anderson-Patch, 2013.

"Landscape of Conquest: Tourism and History in the Black Hills of South Dakota" by Nicolette Rohr, 2013.

"Race, Race-Thinking, the Tuskegee Airmen and Civil Rights: Internship at the Tuskegee Airmen Archive of the University of California, Riverside" by Kenneth Schaefer, 2013.

"Digitizing the Archives at the Hemet Museum" by Shaina Wright, 2012.

"Historic Traces, Didactic Tools: Case Studies in Los Angeles Preservation" by Jennifer Wilson, 2012.

"Sprawling Storyscape, Scattered Memory: Case Studies in Historic Preservation from Southern California's Postwar Built Environment" by Jennifer Thornton, 2012.

"A Novel City: Visions of Progress, Ramona's Marriage Place, and the Promotion of Modern San Diego" by Sarah Jeanette Provo, 2011.

"Breaking Down the Barrier in Today's Public History Museums: The Necessity of Personal Narratives, Multiple Voices, and Dialogue" by Michelle An, 2011.

"Cataloging Ethnographic Collections: the Native American Baskets in the Southwestern Museum of the American Indian, Los Angeles" by Vlasta Radan, 2011.

"Positive Resonance: Public History, Soundscapes, and Audio Archives," 2011.

"Preserving Processes: Historic Preservation for Urban Infrastructure Systems" by Stephen Duncan, 2011.

"People, Places, And Things: History, Archeaology, and Memory in the Big Bear Area of the San Bernardino Mountains" by Susan M. Wood, 2010.

"Shaping Histories: Museums, Collectors, and Issues of Representation" by Michelle Lorimer, 2010.

2000 to 2009

"Ancient Pueblo and Hopi Cultures: Collections, Management, and Programs" by Andrew Garrison, 2009.

"Commissioner of Exhibition: The Robert Watchorn Collection and a Study of Urban Tourism to Ellis Island in the First Decade of the Twentieth Century" by Gregory Ingraham, 2009.

"Reconstruction Narratives: Redefining Histories of Southern California" by Sarah McCormick, 2009.

"The Value of an Archive: Recognizing the Unique Attributes of a Studio Archive" by Jessica Taylor, 2009.

"Displaying and Collecting Local History: Pasadena as a Case Study for Heritage Building" by Jamie Leigh Green, 2008.

"Fuzzy Pigs and Firewalls: Revolutionary History in a Twenty-First Century World" by Rebecca Louise Wrenn, 2008.

"Preservation and Interpretation: An Internship at Fort Donelson National Battlefield" by Maria Carrillo, 2008.

"The Mission Inn's Cloister Art Shop: How Frank Miller's buying, selling, and collecting shaped the creation of Southern California's mythic past" by Emily Ann McEwen, 2008.

"The Portrait of the Past" by Alysa L. VanderWeerd, 2008.

"Audio Presentations: A Study of Oral Histories in Museums, an the Oakland Museum of California" by Joseph C. Freeman, 2007.

"The Power of Place, Space, and Progress: The Role of the Built and Natural Landscape on History and Public Memory" by Susan C. Hall, 2007.

"The Riverside Heritage House and Other Historic Sites: Interpreting History for the General Public" by Amanda J. Frank, 2007.

"Southwest Museum of the American Indian: A Grande Dame in Transition" by Adriana A. Espinoza, 2007.

"The Evolution of Collections Management at a Small Museum: A Case Study" by Melissa M. Lew, 2007.

"Agua Caliente Cultural Museum Management Internship" by Dean Pieper, 2006.

"Educating Educators: Learning and Teaching About San Bernardino County Local History" by Michelle Linrud Rypinski, 2006.

"Looking Beyond the Exhibit: The Other Side of Public History" by Alfredo Peredo Flores. Jr., 2006.

"Narrative and Meaning Derived from the Harada House and the Cail-O-Scope" by Ju K. Lee, 2006.

"Sprawl in the Inland Empire: A Threat to Historic Preservation" by Todd Cooper, 2006.

"The Special Five Year Navajo Program: Education for Cultural Change, 1946-61" by Jon Courtney Ille, 2006.

"Voices in History: The Use of Oral History in Research" by Michelle Isabel-Renee Sifuentes, 2006.

"Wilshire Center Apartment Historic District" by Ellen Emmerson, 2006.

"A History and Survey of ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives" by Joy Rainbow Novak, 2005.

"All in a Day's Work: Diverse Facets in Museum Curatorship" by Dana Ruth Hicks, 2005.

"A Study of The Material and Visual Culture as They Relate to the Build Environment and the Historic House Museum" by Kristin Eva Wnek, 2005.

"Residential Growth in Riverside, California, 1870-1960" by Casey Tibbet, 2005.

"The California Surf Museum and Early Surf Photography" by Jennifer Danielle Wisniewski, 2005.

"The Material and Archival Culture of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department" by Kenneth Michael Messenger, 2005.

"The Native American basket Collection at the Mission Inn" by Carolyn Lindsey Speros, 2005.

"The Popular History of Alcatraz" by Laura Lynn Bellew, 2005.

"Untold Stories: Exhibit Plans, Historic Preservation and Art Patronage" by Stephen Edward Snow, 2005.

"Cultivating and Archiving 100 Years of Filipinos in Riverside" by Christian Trajano, 2004.

"Historic Preservation in San Diego County" by Melanie Ann Macchio, 2004.

"Interpreting Chumas Subsistence Strategies During the Early Mission Era" by Rachael Anne Nixon, 2004.

"Marketing Indians at Sherman Institute" by William Oscar Medina, 2004.

"Outing Program at Sherman Indian Institute" by Kelly Michele Short, 2004.

"Public Affairs and the Public History at the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians: Practical Applications and Related Public History Projects" by Terri D. Jacquemain, 2004.

"Representation of the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians at Mission San Juan Capistrano" by Anita Penner, 2004.

"Seeing the People behind the Artifacts: A Study of the Hayes Collection at the Riverside Municipal Museum" by Dayna Michelle Minter, 2004.

"The Harada Collection: Analysis on Its Significance" by Akiko Nomura, 2004.

"The Keystone View Company's Influence on Education in Schools, Libraries, and at Home" by Kristen Childs, 2004.

'"The Sherman Project" by Matthew Thomas Gilbert, 2004.

"Water Distribution Systems in Victorian Riverside, California: Domestic Water and Its Development" by Jarod M. Holtz, 2004.

"Who Really Has the Power? The Aptheker Affair and Student Protest at the University of Redlands" by Kathleen Diane McGuire 2004.

"Dispelling the Myths: A Reworking of the Furnishings Plan and Interpretive Tours at the Heritage House" by Teresa Marie Woodard, 2003.

"History as Reflected in Cahuilla Basketry" by Bettie Mozelle Deike, 2003.

"Learning Gender: Female Students at the Sherman Institute, 1907-1925" by Katrina Antoinette Paxton, 2003.

"The University of Redlands Creations and Conflicts" by Vanessa Jean Wilkie, 2003.

"The USDA Forest Service and Public History" by Jeffrey Allen Smith, 2003.

Becoming a Museum Rancher: A Study of Museology and Arizona Cattle Ranching in the Mesa Southwest Museum" by Dean Ryan Ayer, 2002.

"Lending Voice and Visibility Among Indians of Southern California: Public History Projects" by Leleua Laurita Loupe, 2002.

"Repatriating Women, Waterways, and Opera Divas: Archives and Manuscript Repositories as Sources of Historical Inquiry" by Lynn Allison Goodsell, 2002.

"Festivals: Images and Preservation of Heritage" by Michelle Marie Visco, 2001.

"Religion, Romanticism, and Recreation: Constructing the Public Image of the Mission Inn through Promotional Ephemera, 1880-1960" by Ajith Varghese, 2001.

"Reviewing the Survey Process: Historic Architectural and Property Survey Report for the Jurupa Avenue Underpass/Mountain View Avenue Closure Caltrans Project" by Jennifer Ann Mermilliod, 2001.

"Sites of Public Engagement: Field Report for the Master of Arts in Public History" by Chelsea K. Vaughn, 2001.

"The Chinese Textile and Dress Collection at the Riverside Municipal Museum" by Laura Elaine Keal, 2001.

"The History of the Cranberry Isles and the Cranberry Isles Collection at Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine" by Kathryn Lilje, 2001.

"Anti-Japanese Propaganda in Impact and Seventh Army Air Force Brief and the Case for Privatizing Museums and Archives in the Post-Enola Gay Era" by John Richard Pajda, 2000.

"Aircraft, Archives, and Analysis of Selected Sources of March Field Museum" by Adam B. Hungate, 2000.

"Chemehuevi Museum Program" by Anthony Louis Madrigal, 2000.

"Preserving Cultural Resources in Riverside: The Riverside Local History Resource Center and the City of Riverside's Geographical Information System" by Eugene Joseph Heck, 2000.

1990 to 1999

"Take That, Mr. Schellenberg: Archival Principle and the Twentieth Century" by Nathan Gonzales, 1999.

"'The Great Social Experiment': The Incarceration of the Japanese Americans on the Colorado River Indian Reservation" by Nikki S. Chang, 1999.

"Pressing the Issue of Race: A Study of the Nineteenth Century News Coverage of African-American Participants in American Conflicts" by Richard Alan Hanks, 1998.

"Riverside's African American Community and Municipal Museum" by Michael Ray Jones, 1998.

"Two Tails From the Vault: Cataloging the Joseph A. Baird Collection at the UCR/California Museum of Photography" by Mary Bagne, 1998.

"Dr. Gerald A. Smith Indian Collection Development of a Research Collection with Multiple-User Capabilities" by Jean Ann Keller, 1997.

"Oral History and Donors: Using Interviews in Public History Institutions" by Larry Wayne Leach, 1997.

"The Man With The Hoe: Mexican Migrant Workers' History in 20th Century California As Viewed Through Five Archives" by Martha Olivera, 1997.

"Results of Site Testing at CA-RIV-653" by Deborah W. Gray, 1996.

"The Paxton Massacre: An Historian's Use of an Archaeological Record" by Dawn G. Marsh, 1996.

"Silent Stones, Forgotten Images: The rock Art of Southwest California" by Nancy W. Royce, 1996.

"Cast-Iron New Year's Cards From Prussian Foundries" by Anne Margaret Forschler, 1995.

"Guide to the Nineteenth-Century Decorative Arts Gallery at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art" by Karen Lisa Rapp, 1995.

"Mockingbird Canyon: Management and Interpretation of a Native American Sacred Site" by Cynthia Marie Alvitre, 1995.

"Island Rhythms: Perspectives On Afro-American/Afro-Atlantic Music and Folk Culture In Public History" by Raymond Doswell, 1995.

"The Coon Series Stereographs and the H.D. White Company: Stereotypes, Mass Media, and Cultural Consciousness" by Shola Ayn Lynch, 1995.

"The Seventh Street Civic Center Historic District: the Built Environment, the Spanish Myth, and Antimodernism in Downtown Riverside" by Robert McCoy, 1995.

"Native American Images at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum: Interpretation, Care, and Preservation" by Camille L. Tomlin, 1994.

"The American Iron Company: A History or commerce in the Late Eighteenth Century, New York and New Jersey, 1744-1806" by Daphne S.O. Arnaiz-Deleon, 1994.

"Texas Media Coverage of the Mexican Revolution in 1915 and the Use and Care of A Historic Photograph Collection" by Theresa R. Alanis, 1994.

"The History of the Riverside Planning Commission, 1914-1928" by Marguerite Duncan-Abrams, 1994.

"Women Property Owners in Four Massachusetts Towns: Using an Indes to the 1798 Tax List" by Judith A. Newkirk, 1994.

"Historic Preservation in 'Eastside' -- A Minority Community in Riverisde, California" by Hongwei Huang, 1992.

"Historic Sacred Structure and the Unreinforced Masonry Building Law of 1986" by Vicki Lynn Solheid, 1992.

"The Challenge of Historic Preservation in a Pro-Development City" by Buffie Anne Hollis, 1992.

"The Photography of Will Connell: Reflections of Southern California, 1928-1950" by Janet Lynn Tearnen, 1992.

"The Sunkist Cooperative and the Tariffs of 1897-1934: A Perspective on the Importance of Maintaining America's Records" by Lee Michelle August, 1992.

"Communications in the History Museum: Learning by Looking" by Mark R. Giles, 1991.

"Pottery Shards, Submarines and Salsa: A Narrative History of Coachelle, California" Part I & III" by Kathleen A. Mitchell, 1991.

"Forsake Evil and Do Good: Stoveplates in the Mercer Collection as a Reflection of Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania German Culture" by Jolene S. Cody, 1990.

"The History of the Technological Development of the Handgun" by Stephen R. Nelson, 1991.

"The Seccombe Lake Park Burials: A Pioneer Cemetery in San Bernardino, California" by Kevin B. Hallaran, 1990.

1980 to 1989

"Cataloging, Inventory, and Conservation: A Collection Management Plan for the Architectural and Archaeological Drawings Collection of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation" by Anthea Marie Hartig, 1989.

"Establishing Traditions: California Art Pottery 1890s to 1930s" by Ruth Ann Penka, 1989.

"The History of the Decorative Influences at Kimberly Crest and a Decorative Arts Conservation Guide for Kimberly Crest" by Susan M. Reynolds, 1989.

"The Jewish Community of San Bernardino, California and its William Russler Memorial Archive" by Kelly Damon Barton, 1989.

"'The Littlest Island': Southern California's Historical Development and the Gilman Ranch" by Maricarmen Ruiz, 1989.

"William Alexander Sharp Artist of the Mission Inn" by Allene Archibald, 1989.

"A Booster In Paradise: Frank Augustus Miller's Early Career, 1874-1902" by Michael Rounds, 1988.

"Mecca for Moderns: Booterism, the Redlands Citograph and the Marketing of Southern California, 1887-1908" by Daniel Lewis, 1988.

"Regional Indian Museums Within the Department of Parks and Recreation: A Model for Repatriation and/or Decentralization?" by Jose Ignacio Rivera, 1988.

"Sitting on Saints: Photography and America's Philippine Colonial Adventure, 1898-1912" by Roy McJunkin, 1988.

"Anasazi Heritage Center - Docent Manual" by Peggy Whittingham, 1987.

"Frank Miller and the International Expositions" by Marshall Duell, 1987.

"Gender Roles in American Science Fiction: How To Examine Moral Fiber Through Clothing Fiber" by Heather C. Dodson, 1987.

"An Interpretive Manual for Heritage House, Riverside's 1890's Historic House Museum" by Robin D. Gilliam, 1986.

"The Italian-Style Gardens of Kimberly Crest Redlands, California" by Christie J. Hammond, 1986.

"A Conservation Management Plan For La Casa Nueva" by Marsha L. Hamilton, 1985.

"Conservation at the Mission Inn" by Pamela Young, 1985.

"From Hotpoint to General Electric: A History of the Electric Appliance Industry in Ontario, California" by Laurie Baker, 1985.

"Scotty's Home Was Not His Castle: A Historical Survey of Death Valley Scotty's Lower Vine Ranch, Death Valley National Monument" by Susan Jean Buchel, 1985.

"The Jensen-Alvarado Ranch House: A Furnishing Plan" by Jacqueline Louise Love, 1985.

"Establishing A Historic Preservation Program For Corona, California" by Gloria D. Scott, 1984.

"Fashions Fallacies, and Fantasies: The History and Potential of Costume Interpretation as an Example of Museum Education" by Theresa Elizabeth Hanley, 1984.

"Guide to Interpretation of Architecture at Colonial Williamsburg" by Jeanne Catherine Lawrence, 1984.

"Paul Erb: Mennonite Diplomat" by Kevin Enns-Rempel, 1984.

"Residential Rehabilitation In An Historic Era: The Mile Square of Riverside, California" by Glenn Howard DeHart, 1984.

"Riverside County Historic Preservation Program Proposal" by Margaret Latimer-Starratt, 1984.

"Seismic Retrofit of Historic Unreinforced Masonry Buildings: Economic, Structural, and Architectural Issues" by Christine Louise di Iorio, 1984.

"The Decline of Citrus in the Redlands Area" by Katherine H. Child, 1984.

"The Quaker Family of Wisbech: A Study of Quaker Business and Benevolence" by Madeline G. H. McReynolds, 1984.

"Boom and Bust: The History And Preservation of Denver" by Elizabeth Seeley Downs, 1983.

"Eighteenth Century Woven and Printed Textiles" by Melinda L. Knapp, 1983.

"History of the Yorba-Slaughter Adobe" by David R. Wilkerson, 1983.

"Implementing and Maintaining a Historic Preservation Program in the California Suburban Community" by Jonathan H. Grinder, 1983.

"Mutual Water Companies of Southern California: An Historical and Archival Discussion of the Claremont and Pomona Area" by Jacquelyn K. Sundstrand, 1983.

"The Progressive Reform of the Santa Ana Watershed" by Ronald J. Baker, 1983.

"The Revival and Commercialization of Northern New Mexican Pueblo Indian Pottery" by Katherine Marie McGuire, 1983.

"A Comparison of Archival Theory and Practice Between the Regional Archives Branch in Laguna Niguel and the Archives at the A.K. Smiley Library in Redlands, California" by Rickey D. Best, 1982.

"Manual for the Conservation of Photographs at the Fresno City and County Historical Society" by Russell C. Fey, 1982.

"We Tied Tamales 'Til Ten at Night: An Economic HIstory of the Jensen-Alvarado Historic Park With Recommendations for Interpretation" by Christine Marie Trunnell, 1982.

"Documents Created from the Earth, the Sky, and the Trader's Pack: The Albert K. and Daniel Smiley Collection of Native American Cultural Objects" by Doran L. Cart, 1981.

"El Mirador Hotel Adaptive Re-Use Study" by Kathleen Maria Burgi, 1981.

"Operations Manual for the Palm Springs Historical Society's Village Green Heritage Center" by Lee Ann Langston, 1981.

"The Management and Preservation of Records in California: The Final Report of the Historical Records Educational and Consultant Service" by Terry Baggs & Laren W. Metzer, 1981.

"Dogholes and Donkey Engines" by Martha Ann Sullenberger, 1980.

"Interpretive Plan for the Cornelius Jensen Ranch" by Patricia Sales, 1980.

"Pictures of Our Past: A Case Study of Selected Historic Photography Collections" by Gabrielle Gonder, 1980.

"The Tangible Fact: A Study of Interpretation for the Mendocino County Museum" by Linda Kathleen Wickert, 1980.

1979 and earlier (including undated)

"Cultural Resource Management Plan for Hedges/Tumco Ghost Town Imperial County, California" by Barbara Rigby Connel, 1979.

"Handbook for the Cataloging and Care of Historic Furniture" by Kimberly Ann Ely, 1979.

"Incorporating Museum Artifacts Into the Liberal Arts College Curriculum" by Melva Randolph, 1979.

"San Manuel Indian Reservation: An Examination of its History" by Steven Timothy Spiller, 1979.

"Violence and Vigilantism In Early Los Angeles 1852-1971" by David Hynes Sherman, 1979.

"An Unfortunate Kind of Leadership: Jonathan Tibbet and The Mission Indian Federation" by Walter R. Baggs, 1978.

"Down the Fortymile: An Interpretive Plan for Alaska's Fortymile River" by Linda L. Simmons, 1978.

"Labor in the Citrus Industry" by Robert Schaadt, 1978.

"Manual for the Historic/Architectural Survey" by Alan Curl, 1978.

"Paradise Preserved: The Preservationists' Struggle for Mount San Gorgonio and Mount San Jacinto" by Greg Robbins, 1978.

"The Civil War Photography of Andrew J. Russell" by Susan E. Williams, 1978.

"Vocational Education at Aherman Institute 1902-1947" by Patricia Marcks, 1978.

"Historical Resource Survey of the Prado Flood Control Basin" by Robert Tobey, 1977.

"The People of California vs. Harada, 1916-1918: The First Test of California's Alien Land Law" by Mark H. Rawitsch, 1977.

"A History and Evaluation of the District Five Petroleum Industry Committees Records" by Thomas J. Medeiros, Jr., 1976.

"California Inventory of Historic Resources," 1976.

"Cultural Resource Survey: The First Step of Historic Preservation" by Robert Selway, 1976.

"Heritage House: The Restoration of the Victoria Era" by Lesley Anne Bacha, 1976.

"Jurupa: Never So Far Was Arcadia" by Wm. David Puntney, 1976.

"The Development of the National Archives and the Present Status of the Archives Branches" by Mathew J. Ferrero, 1975.

"Activities Along the Mojave Indian Trail Aboriginal Trade -- Military Occupation" by Terry D. Suss, 1974.

"A Survey of American Culture" by Tracy Leach, undated.

"Cultural Resources: A Municipal Perspective" by Tanya Lynne Rathbum, undated.

"Exploring the Past Through Play: Toys as a Reflection of Events and Attitudes in America, 1850-1930" by Mathew Joseph Bratkowski, undated.

"Landscape at the Heritage House: Theory, Reality, and Interpretation" by Juan Barro, undated.

"Material Culture: Academics, Architecture, and Art" by Michelle Leighann Turner, undated.

"Nationality and Preservation in Ireland" by Vanessa Stout, undated.

"New England Missionaries in Early Nineteenth-Century Hawaii: A Case Study in Acculturation" by Jennifer Fish, undated.

"The Civil War Centennial: The Fort Sumter Re-enactment Segregation Scandal" by Heather Jean Thies, undated.

"The Role of Community in Municial Preservation: An Internship at the City of Riverside Planning Department" by Anne Marie Longanbach, undated.

"To See Them Suffering: A Disease Among the Slaves and Crop Production on the Butler Plantations, 1820-1835" by Sandra Lee Tonnesen, undated.