Michele R. Salzman
Professor of History
Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, 1981

Areas of specialization: Roman and Greek History; Late Antiquity; Religion in the Ancient World; Social History; Latin Literature

(951) 827-1991

Curriculum Vitae

Salzman's research focuses on the religious and social history of Late Antiquity. She is author of On Roman Time: The Codex-Calendar of 354 and the Rhythms of Urban Life in Late Antiquity (UC Press, 1990), and numerous articles on Roman history and religion. Her second book, The Making of a Christian Aristocracy (Harvard University Press, 2002) examined the social and religious issues that bear upon the conversion of the Roman aristocracy from paganism to Christianity in the Roman Empire in the West in the century after Constantine. Her third book, The Letters of Symmachus: Book 1 (Translation with Michael Roberts, Introduction and Commentary by Michele Renee Salzman) Greco-Roman World Series of the Society of Biblical Literatures (Society of Biblical Literatures, 2011; Brill Press, 2012). She is the Senior Editor of The Cambridge History of Religions in the Ancient World, Volumes I and II (Cambridge University Press, 2013) and co-Editor with M. Sághy and R. Lizzi-Testa of the forthcoming Pagans and Christians in Late Antique Rome:  Conflict, Competition and Coexistence in Late Antique Rome (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

Salzman is currently working on a book project, "The 'Falls' of Rome in Late Antiquity," that examines the city of Rome and its response to crisis from the third to seventh centuries. This work incorporates textual and material culture to assess the roles that competing elites played in the transformation of the city and Italy.

Salzman has received research fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, American Council of Learned Societies, the American Philosophical Society, and the Whiting Foundation. In 2008 she was the Lucy Shoe Merritt Scholar in Residence at the American Academy in Rome.  In 2010, she received an NEH Grant to be Project Director of a Summer Seminar at the American Academy in Rome on "The 'Falls' of Rome: The Transformations of Rome in Late Antiquity".  She was elected Chair of the Advisory Council of the School of Classical Studies of the American Academy in Rome in 2013 and was elected Vice President for Programs for the Society of Classical Studies for 2015-2018. 

She is currently a member of the California Consortium for Late Antiquity and serves as Chair of the Executive Committee of the Tri-Campus Classics Program.  Before joining the faculty at the University of California, Riverside in 1995, Salzman taught at Swarthmore College, Columbia University, and at Boston University.


Fellow at the American Academy in Rome, 1985-86

Professor-In-Charge, Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, 2003-2004

American Philological Association Award for Outreach as member of the Steering Committee of the UC Multi-Campus Research Group in Late Antiquity

Lucy Shoe Merritt Scholar in Residence at the American Academy in Rome, 2008

University of California Presidential Chair, 2009-2012

NEH Grant as Director of a Summer Seminar at the American Academy in Rome, Project Director for "The 'Falls' of Rome:  The Transformations of Rome in Late Antiquity," June 28-July 30, 2010

Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University, 2014

NEH Summer Stipend, 2014


  • American Philological Association
  • American Philosophical Society
  • Archaeological Institute of America
  • Association of Ancient Historians
  • North American Patristic Society
  • Society of Biblical Literatures
  • Tri-Campus Classics Program, Chair of the Executive Committee


UC Riverside Courses:

  • Senior Seminars in Pagans and Christians, Constantine, Romans and Barbarians, The Age of Augustus
  • The Roman Republic
  • The Roman Empire
  • The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Rome: The Eternal City. History, Topography, Monuments
  • Cities in the Roman Empire
  • Materials for the Roman Empire
  • Religions of the Ancient World
  • Women and the Family in the Ancient World

Tri-Campus Classics Courses:

  • Latin Epistolography
  • Tacitus
  • The Age of Trajan
  • Pliny and his world
  • Varro and Augustine
  • Education in Late Antiquity